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Meeting for Shan New Year 2108

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As the Shan New Year had been celebrated yearly since 2006, SRO had called the Shan youths and former ECs to have meeting for Shan New Year on 1.8.2013 at OBVM. The abbot; Venerable Shan monk conducted the meeting and asked the attendees for options and suggestions to have better Shan New Year ceremony. Then, a draft duty list for working committee had been drawn to kick start at this month as planned to celebrate on 3.12.2013.

Shan New Year meeting at OBVM


During Meeting

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Farewell party for former SRO’s EC and auditor

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This had been long years waiting for him to resettled for him after waiting almost 7 years but when the time on July 2013 its time for him to move to United State. Sai Lao Yi or Sai Tunnay had been working for SRO since it founded 2006 and became as executive members in 2007. After that he was auditor for SRO till he left. SRO gave him last treat as dinner for thanking him for he had been faithful to SRO and to Shan people in Malaysia.

The Fareware Party for Sai Tunnay

Sai Than Shwe Present Certificate to Sai Tunnay

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Human trafficking in Malaysia

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Place They Have Been Sold

Where They Have Been KeptSRO had established to help Shan people in Malaysia since 2006. There was a victim of human trafficking came to SRO and reported that she and 12 others were being cheated by agents who brought them to Malaysia. They were being transferring to another agent and they had been sold to be prostitutes. The victims are under age of 18 and one of the victims is as young as age of 13. They could not speak English or Malay language but Shan only. Even they cried and refused to have sex with the strangers, nobody can help them. When they refuse to do this job, they had been beaten by the agents. Some of them had earned the money from this prostitution and paid back the debt to the agents who brought them to Malaysia but some had not yet been paid back all the debt. This is truly heartbreaking story for us. SRO had reported about this to UNHCR for help and for further actions.

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SRO family trip to Melaka and I-city

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This year, SRO organized a family trip and visited to Melaka the historical city of Malaysia on 12.7.2013. SRO executives, students, former E.C and others had followed. We believed that this trip will build up new spirits and courages as all work for SRO and for Shan refugees in Malaysia as they had visited the Melaka and I-city at Shah Alam.

Group Photo At Melaka


At I-City Sha Alam

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